Hurricane G Death: What Is The Cause Of Her Death?

On Sunday, November 5, 2022, GloriaRodriguez better known by her stage name Hurricane G passed away. What is the cause of her.

On Sunday, November 5, 2022, Gloria Rodriguez better realized by her stage name Typhoon G died. Eric’s lesson affirms the death of tropical storm G.

The Brooklyn-conceived rapper was a previous individual from Def Crew and her passing has been affirmed by different individuals from the Hip Jump people group through web-based entertainment posts. While no reason for death has been unveiled at this point, Storm G’s girl Lexus declared in May that her mom had cellular breakdown in the lungs.

She made sense of via virtual entertainment, “My mom has been determined to have stage 4 cellular breakdown in the lungs. I actually can’t truly understand it and after 30 years, I’m crying like never before. It seems like I’m living in a horrible that I can’t awaken from.”

Message took to web-based entertainment to post about the deficiency of his companion, saying, “My heart is solidified today. One of my old buddies… . My most established girl’s mom died today. #HURRICANEGLORIA was likewise a legend by her own doing in the Hip-bounce local area. One of the primary Puerto Rican female rappers She rapped with me. @redmangilla she prepared.”

Tropical storm G was a significant voice in Hip Bounce, frequently standing in opposition to issues looked by the Latino people group. In 1998, she delivered her presentation collection, Typhoon G, which incorporated the single “Guerrera.” The collection was selected for a Grammy Grant for Best Latin Stone/Elective Collection.

Storm G’s passing is a tremendous misfortune for the Hip Jump people group. She was a straightforward voice for Latin individuals in the business and will be profoundly missed.

Who Is Typhoon G?

Rapper Storm G is a promising craftsman who is rapidly becoming well known in the hip-bounce world. Brought up in Brooklyn, New York, Typhoon G was presented to music early on and started thinking of her own melodies as a teen.

In the wake of finishing secondary school, she chose to seek after a lifelong in music and moved to Los Angeles. In the years since she has delivered a few additional collections and mixtapes and has visited broadly all through the US.

Today, Storm G is viewed as perhaps of the most encouraging new ability in hip-bounce, and her special style and certain moxy have made her an amazing powerhouse.


On Instagram, maker Domingo Padilla shared his sympathies after Tropical storm G’s demise. He said, “I was honored to know her and produce her presentation collection. God favor her family and little girl.”

“I have such countless insane stories from working with Storm G on her collection All Lady,” Domingo wrote in another post. “We kept that collection in my loft in Ozone Park Sovereigns on a Tascam 388 and I took the entire reel machine to 78/88 studios and unloaded the music to 2-inch reels then, at that point, blended it in with @kidcus in One of a kind and Chung Lord studios. Gloria was a truly benevolent entertaining individual however when she was frantic to remain out her direction… Haha. I saw her make a popular radio character cry in a studio and when I drove Gloria home we squabbled over why she did that and she kept it genuine with me she said “Domingo that bi**h don’t trick me she is a 2 face” Going to miss addressing her on the telephone and hear her say “Domingo you got that crazy ass fire for me or what mother lover”… R.I.P Gloria “Typhoon G” Rodriguez.”

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