Jerry Falwell Jr Wife’s Pool Photos: What Is It About?

The pool guy who had an affair with Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife, Becki Tilley claimed she approached him at a Miami hotel and promised love-making.

Pictures of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife’s pool have been making the rounds online.

Becki Tilley, the pool guy who had an affair with Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife, claimed she met him at a Miami hotel and made him pledge to have sex with her husband first before things grew more serious.

More than a year after it was made public that Becki Falwell had a six-year affair with a former Miami pool boy, Giancarlo Granda, the couple has opened out about the incident that forced Jerry Falwell Jr. to resign from Liberty University in 2020.

The relationship history was discussed in Giancarlo Granda’s subsequent book, Off the Deep End: Jerry and Becki Falwell and The Collapse of an Evangelical Dynasty, which was written when he was a 20-year-old pool boy. When Granda revealed his relationship with his wife, the school sued him.

The Couple Made A New Revelation

The pair revealed new details about the circumstances of the affair and its fallout in a series of exclusive interviews with Vanity Fair, claiming to have been able to move past the drama together.

She admitted to Vanity Fair that she didn’t have a college life and that her curiosity ultimately resulted in the relationship with Giancarlo Granda, a 20-year-old pool attendant in Miami Beach, which became her biggest regret in life.

When Granda approached the couple in March 2012 while they were on vacation at the Fontainebleau hotel pool, he ultimately gave her his phone. The two claimed to Vanity Fair that this resulted in amorous texts with Granda

I could speak with somebody, Becki made a remark. “It’s that hormone rush,” You think, “Wow, this is good,” when a young, gorgeous man starts texting you and expressing interest in you.

Granda previously acknowledged to Reuters that he had an affair with Becki in front of Falwell Jr. Both Becki and Falwell Jr. denied his involvement and asserted that Granda was attempting to blackmail them; he has previously disputed these assertions.

I can assure you that everything will be resolved in the book and Hulu documentary, Granda reportedly texted Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman. Granda’s response to People’s request for comment was delayed.

Becki asserted that she and Granda had their first sexual experience while Falwell Jr. was looking at homes in South Florida for a business possibility that Granda had suggested back in Miami that summer.

That December, Becki decided to tell her husband about the relationship, despite the fact that Falwell Jr.’s professional relationship with Granda continued until 2014.

Falwell Jr. asserted that despite being aware of the relationship, he still carried out a commercial agreement with Granda and invested $1.8 million in a hostel in which Granda was a partner.

Falwell Jr. stated to the magazine that Granda even expressed regret for the connection.

After Granda started dating seriously in 2014, Becki stated she felt bad and chose to cease their sexual relationship.

Due to his professional ties to Falwell Jr., the couple claimed that Granda remained in their life long after Becki’s sexual relationship stopped.

However, the Falwells became concerned when that business partnership worsened.

When asked about the state of their marriage at the time they spoke with Vanity Fair, the couple said they were thankful for the ability to mend wounds.

More than any other couple you will ever meet, we spend time together, Becki said. The speaker said, “He forgave me, and Jesus teaches forgiveness.”

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