South Korea Halloween Crowd Crush: The Complete Victim List

At least 154 people passed away after the tragic events that took place in a popular nightlife district in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday night.

After the sad incidents that occurred on Saturday night in a well-known nightlife area of Seoul, South Korea, at least 154 people died.

Most of those killed were young adults in their 20s, and more women than men were listed as dead. 26 foreign nationals are also included in the dead toll, according to the authorities.

Six members of the South Korean military, three teachers, and three students from a school in Seoul were also murdered in the incident.

As memorials start to surface, the names and photographs of some of those who died are listed below.

Actor Lee Jihan, 24

More than 150 people were murdered in the crowd surge tragedy on Saturday in Seoul, South Korea, including Lee Jihan. His management company, 935 Entertainment, released a statement on Sunday confirming his death.

After competing on “Produce 101″‘s second season, Lee Jihan, a Korean singer and actor, transitioned to acting in 2019 and launched his career with a role in the internet sitcom It Was Yet Another Nam Hyun Day today. Jihan originally rose to fame as a reality show competitor.

Tomikawa Mei, 26

When she passed away, Tomikawa Mei, a native of Hokkaido in northern Japan, was studying Korean.

Her father told the Japanese television network NHK that authorities had informed him of her passing on Sunday.

When he tried to call her the night of the incident, a police officer answered.

NHK reported him as saying, “I called her to tell her to be careful, but she never replied.”

She was a wonderful daughter…

I need someone to see my daughter as soon as possible.

He travelled to South Korea to identify the body of his child.

Madina Sherniyazova, 26

At the time of her untimely death, Madina Sherniyazova was a Master’s student at Seoul University.

According to the vice principal of Sherniyazova’s high school in Aktobe, she was a very intelligent student, a natural linguist, and enjoyed spending time with friends.

Prior to the disaster, her mother claimed that she had spoken to her sister through video connection; at the time, she appeared to be having a good time and was surrounded by friends.

Natnicha Makaew, 27

A 27-year-old Korean language instructor from Petchabun province in central Thailand, Natnicha Makaew went to South Korea for two months to continue her language studies.

After majoring in Korean at university, she taught Korean in Thailand, but the pandemic reportedly put a stop to her teaching career.

She subsequently travelled to Seoul to continue her language studies and enrolled in the university’s advanced Korean programme.

In order for her to enjoy a religious funeral, the authorities are working to return her remains home. This is what she would have wanted, according to her relatives, who noted that she was a wonderful girl who adored Korea.

Choi Boseong, 24

When the catastrophe struck, Choi Boseong was in the heart of Seoul commemorating his birthday.

Friends who found his clothing and cellphone at the scene of the accident quickly informed his girlfriend Gabriela Pare, who lives in the United States, about his missing.

I want to express my gratitude for everyone’s kind thoughts and prayers.

Sadly, they passed away. When she later learned of his passing, she wrote in a later tweet, “I am in such intense agony right now and there are no words to convey it.

Fashion Designer Rhau, 21

Kim Dae-hui, 19, arrived to place a flower at a public memorial for the victims of the recent tragedy in Seoul. His friend Rhau was one of the many people who died.

As he was being crushed, Rhau called Kim from the alleyway, telling him that he was attempting to save the person sitting next to him before their exchange was cut off.

The following morning, Kim noticed his friend on one of the social media films being circulated, and hours later, he got a call informing him that his friend had passed away. Rhau passed away at the age of just 21.

He had just recently relocated to Seoul from Malaysia, but Kim and he quickly become close.

Kim claimed that Rhau was employed in construction. Despite the fact that they only spent a brief amount of time together, Kim will remember his friend as someone who was constantly ready to provide a helping hand.

Australian Film Producer Grace Rached, 23

The 24-year-old daughter of the Rached family, Grace, was tragically slain in the latest incident, the family has announced.

She was characterised as someone who always made others feel special and important, and whose compassion left an imprint on everyone she met, in a statement to the media.

They claim that in addition to her two sisters, she will be sorely mourned by everyone who had the good fortune to have met this “beautiful angel” and “life of the party.”

The Australian publication The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Shahn Devendran as saying, “Grace was a fantastic girl who liked making films and making people laugh.” “This news is horrible beyond belief.”

Steven Blesi, 20

I know you’re out and about, Steve Blesi wrote to his son in his final text message. Be careful. One of the two Americans who sadly perished at Itaewon’s Halloween festivities was Steven.

As soon as he became aware of his absence on Sunday night, Mr. Blesi sent a tweet asking for anyone with knowledge on his whereabouts to come forward.

Korean student Blesi’s son went away after waiting years to finally have the opportunity to study overseas.

When he first heard the news, Mr. Blessi told the New York Times that he felt as though his “everything was just collapsing.”

He went out with his friends in Itaewon to celebrate finishing their midterm examinations.

Steven Blesi, who studies international business, was enrolled at Kennesaw State University in Georgia along with the rest of them.

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