Who Was Sherri Rasmussen Killer? Why Did The LAPD Officer Brutally Kill Her?

 On February 24, 1986, Sherri Rasmussen was brutally murdered in her home in Granada Hills, California. Sherri, a nurse at UCLA Medical.

On February 24, 1986, Sherri Rasmussen was severely killed in her home in Granada Slopes, California. Sherri, a medical caretaker at UCLA Clinical Center, was tracked down beaten and shot to death.

The case stayed inexplicable for almost three years. In 1989, analysts at last distinguished the executioner as Stephanie Lazarus, a previous LAPD investigator fixated on Sherri since secondary school.

Stephanie was attempted and sentenced for first-degree murder in 2012.

The case gathered public consideration because of the severe idea of the wrongdoing and the way that the killer was a cop.

Today, the Sherri Rasmussen murder case is viewed as one of the most famous strange crimes in Los Angeles history.

What Was The Relationship Between John Ruetten & Stephanie Lazarus?

John Ruetten and Stephanie Lazarus had a cheerful and solid relationship. They met while the two of them were understudies at the College of California, Los Angeles, and were both set to graduate in 1982.

Ruetten was a mechanical designing major, and Lazarus was concentrating on political theory. They were likewise both dynamic and extremely athletic.

Until graduation, the two of them uncovered nothing about their relationship and kept a causal relationship till their graduation.

In the wake of graduating, John began to fill in as an equipment engineer, and Stephenie sought after her profession as a cop with the LAPD.

Afterward, the two of them got together a few times and fostered a decent relationship. Stephenie profoundly fell head over heels for John Rutten, however he had no affections for her all things considered.

While John Rutten experienced passionate feelings for Sherri after he met her interestingly, they became hopelessly enamored from the beginning.

 Rasmussen was a medical attendant and worked at Glendale Adventist Clinical Center, she was an expert and a certified medical caretaker who was especially well in her field.

Following quite a while of being together, Rasmussen and Ruetten moved into a condo. Stephanie experienced issues giving up after she realize that the lovebirds lived in one condo.

A couple of months after they had moved in together, she figured out that they were having issues and that John was seeing others. She attempted to intercede and assist them with taking care of through their problems, however her intruding just exacerbated the situation.

At last, Stephenie turned into the lowlife in their relationship, and Rasmussen had to move out.

While she might have meant well, Stephanie’s activities simply made more issues for the couple. Eventually, her failure to give up prompted the breakdown of their relationship.

What Did The Letter From John Ruetten’s Ex-Girlfriend State?

Stephanie Lazarus coordinated her 25th birthday celebration, and she welcomed John and Rasmussen together. On her birthday, John uncovered his relationship with Rasmussen before her and admitted that they profoundly adored one another.

That admission of his hit hard on Stephanie, and she had zero control over her feelings then, at that point.

Afterward, she composed a letter to John’s mom and admitted that “I’m genuinely enamored with John and the previous year has truly destroyed me. I wish it didn’t end the manner in which it did, and I don’t think I’ll at any point grasp his choice.” In the letter, she likewise uncovered that she had an actual connection with him.

Stephanie’s words give understanding into the personal disturbance she was encountering at that point. Obviously she was profoundly wounded by John’s admission and felt deceived by his choice to seek after a relationship with Rasmussen.

While her letter might not have given the conclusion she was looking for, it offers a brief look into the profundity of her affections for John.

On November 27, 1985, John and Rasmussen got hitched. They had a delightful function, and they were so infatuated. They had three months of conjugal rapture before misfortune struck. In February 1986, Stephenie came to Rasmuseens’ office and told her, “On the off chance that I can’t have John, no other person will.”

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